Founded in 1978, The Michael Snell Literary Agency had overseen the publication of more than 1,000 books on subjects as far-ranging as business leadership and equestrian safety. Click the Recent Publications tab to see representative titles.

Forthcoming Fiction:

In August, 2023 Little-Brown will publish David James Duncan's third novel, an epic comedy about love, faith, and nature set in Oregon and the mountains of Colorado and Montana. This masterwork will delight the fans of David's perennial cult favorites, The River Why and The Brothers K. Click the Fiction tab on this website for more about David's books. Or click on this link to his webpage:



Siobhan McHale, author of The Insider's Guide to Culture, signs her book, recently published by HarperCollins:




Click this link to learn more about Siobhan and her work:


The Michael Snell Agency has guided the publication of several New York Times bestsellers, including The Oz Principle, Change the Culture, Change the Game, and How Did That Happen. Michael Snell served as collaborating writer on all three titles co-authored by Roger Connors and Tom Smith, founders of the consulting firm Partners in Leadership, recenly rebranded as Culture Partners. Click on the cover of The Oz Principle to learn more about this company:



Wharton Business School Proessor Richard Shell has authored several popular books. Click on this link to learn more about this author and his work:


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