Michael Snell has authored, co-authored, and collaborated on 50 books, including The New York Times best sellers Creating Excellence with Craig Hickman (New American Library), The Oz Principle with Roger Connors and Tom Smith (Prentice-Hall /Portfolio), How Did That Happen with Roger Connors and Tom Smith (Portfolio), Change the Culture, Change the Game with Roger Connors and Tom Smith (Portfolio) and Leadership IQ (Wiley) with Emmett Murphy. Other recent collaborations include Business at the Speed of Now with John Bernard (Wiley), Talent IQ with Emmet Murphy (Adams Media), Your Inner CEO with Allan Cox (Career Press), Iron Butterflies with Birute Regine (Prometheus), What Keeps Leaders Up at Night with Nicole Lipkin (AMACOM), The New Corporate Facts of Life with Diana Rivenburgh (AMACOM), Primal Teams with Jackie Barretta (AMACOM), and Career Courage with Katie Kelley (forthcoming, AMACOM)

Specializing in business books, he has agented over 1000 titles since founding his agency in 1978. Successful titles include Journey To The Emerald City by Roger Connors and Tom Smith (Prentice-Hall/Portfolio), which appeared from Portfolio in 2011 as Change the Culture/Change the Game, Bargaining for Advantage and The Art of Woo by Richard Shell (Penguin), The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy (Adams Media), Topgrading by Brad Smart (Prentice-Hall/Portfolio), The Complete Idiot’s Guide to MBA Basics by Tom Gorman (alpha), Why Didn’t I Think of That? by Charles McCoy (Prentice-Hall/Portfolio), and Leading Self-Directed Work Teams by Kim Fisher (McGraw-Hill).

He also collaborated on Sally Edwards’ Heart Zone Training (Adams Media) and many pet books, including Myrna Milani’s Body Language and Emotion in Dogs and Body Language and Emotion in Cats, (Morrow/HarperCollins). His Prima/Crown book From Book Idea to Bestseller has helped thousands of aspiring writers get their work successfully published. A frequent speaker at writers’ conferences and workshops, Michael constantly promotes both his titles and those on which he has collaborated. His media contacts create feature articles in local and national newspapers and magazines as well as appearances on radio and television.


“We wish to thank our collaborator and agent Michael Snell for his thoughtful suggestions, editorial expertise and encouragement throughout this process.”

–Roger Connors and Tom Smith, founders of Partners In Leadership and authors of New York Times bestsellers How Did That Happen, The Oz Principle and Change the Culture/Change the Game (previously Journey to the Emerald City).

“Thanks go to our literary agent, Michael Snell. Michael guided us from book idea to published product—brainstorming with us over the proposal, the book‘s title (the words ‘the art of woo’ were spoken by him first), the contract, chapter titles, and other matters large and small. Mike is more than an agent; he is a true friend and partner.”

–Richard Shell, director of the Wharton School’s executive Negotiation Workshop and author of Bargaining for Advantage 2nd Edition and The Art of Woo.