Patricia Snell, Executive Vice-President and Senior Agent and at the Michael Snell Literary Agency, has worked as a book publishing professional since 1991. An accomplished agent, book developer and writing collaborator, she specializes in adult non-fiction, particularly self-help and     how-to books in all subject areas. She has overseen the publication of successful titles on business, parenting, communication, travel, health, pets, and women's issues.

    Successful books she has developed and sold include Jake Breeden's Tipping Sacred Cows (Jossey-Bass), Donny Ebenstein's Now I Get It (AMACOM Books), Julie Hansen’s Act Like a Sales Pro (Career Press), David Petersam's Top MBA Programs (Jist), Paul Coleman’s How to Say It To Your Kids, Richard Heyman's How To Say It To Your Teens (Prentice-Hall Press), June Paris' But I Didn't Mean To Say That (New Harbinger), Joel Widzer's The Penny Pincher's Guide To Luxury Travel (O'Reilly), Jim McKenzie’s The Five-Gallon Bucket Book (Andrews McMeel), Stacy Rubin's The Happy Breast-fed Baby (AMACOM Books), Gincy Bucklin's What Your Horse Wants You To Know, How Your Horse Wants You To Ride. More How Your Horse Wants You To Ride (Wiley/Howell) and The Gentle Art Of Horseback Riding (Human Kinetics), Joy Roberts’ The Joy of Horses (Contemporary Books), Jay Ahuja’s Fields of Dreams and Speed Dreams (Kensington), Paulette Dale’s Did You Say Something, Susan? (Kensington), Francis Buda’s Holistic Sleep (Kensington), Jeanette Smith's The Creative Wedding (Adams Media), Paul Coleman's You, Him And The Other Woman (Adams Media), Paul Coleman’s The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Intimacy (alpha Books), and Finding Peace In Your Heart When Your Heart Is In Pieces (Adams Media), Rosanne Thomas' Excuse Me (AMACOM Books).

    She has also consulted with Michael Snell on his guide to getting published, From Book Idea To Bestseller (Crown), and several New York Times bestselling business books, including Leadership IQ (Wiley) by Emmett Murphy, The Oz Principle, How Did That Happen and Change The Culture/Change The Game by Roger Connors and Tom Smith (Penguin/Portfolio), Business at The Speed Of Now (Wiley) by John Bernard, and What Keeps Leaders Up At Night (AMACOM Books) by Nicole Lipkin.


    “The Oz metaphor has served as a useful tool for helping people in many nations throughout the world realize the benefits of greater accountability. To this end, we wish to thank Pat Snell for her breakthrough suggestions that we use Dorothy and her companions to illustrate the arduous journey we must all take before we can click our heels and get the results we want.”

--Roger Connors, author of the New York Times bestseller The Oz Principle

    “My long-standing publishing partnership with my agent, Michael Snell, expanded during this project to include Pat Snell, his talented partner. This is the kind of support from an agent that every author should have but few enjoy.”

--Richard Shell, Wharton Business School Professor and author of Springboard.

   “I thank my agent, Pat Snell, for believing this deserved to be a book and for providing patient guidance and experienced direction from concept to completed manuscript.”

--Julie Hansen, author of Act Like a Sales Pro

     "I want to jump to those etiquette tips for job search networking, so I’ll end my comments about Excuse Me by saying this was a really fun book to read. Thomas has augmented her smooth writing style with examples that make it easy to relate to her practical advice."

--Review of Excuse Me by Amy Lindgren, The Post-Sentinel

     "Rather than adopting a preachy approach, Excuse Me is filled with workplace vignettes that feature multigenerational workers and illustrate both good and bad behavior. These examples, in addition to advice conveyed in a helpful, positive way by the author, elevate the book to the status of a survival guide, as the subtitle claims."

--Review of Excuse Me in Foreword Magazine

     “This book offers a very good reading experience. I found it quite engaging, filled with valuable advice, but also packed with anecdotes that are humorous, mortifying, and illuminating, often all at the same time. The glue that makes this a great reading experience is the stories. They start every section and are rich, interesting, complex, and appropriate for the lessons. This book feels like a roadmap for everyone to understand everyone else and, even better, to know how to act on this knowledge.”

--Barry H. Richardson, Senior Developmental Editor, AMACOM books, reviewing Rosanne Thomas' Excuse Me


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